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Social Responsibility: Connection with Society

Olympus’ Social IN management philosophy is based on the three “Ins” of INtegrity, INnovation and INvolvement, defining the relationship between the company and society.

Social In Chart
Social In Chart

In 2004, Olympus Corporation joined the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to create a global framework within which companies can contribute to good corporate citizenship and sustainable growth through responsible and creative leadership. Global Compact principles are incorporated into Olympus’ Corporate Conduct Charter and Code of Conduct and reflected in the company’s business activities and organization.

Global Compact signatories are required to make continuing efforts, based on commitments by their own chief executive officers, toward the realization of the 10 Global Compact principles, including:

  • Protection of human rights
  • Elimination of unfair labor practices
  • Protection of the environment
  • Prevention of corruption

Furthermore, Olympus will not make contributions to (a) organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, or national origin or (b) individuals. Olympus will not make contributions to denominational religious or political organizations, or similar limited-purpose groups, unless the funds are for purposes that will benefit the community as a whole or further the interests of Olympus.

Picture This Photo Contest Entries. Left: Hon. Mention Goal Three. Quoc Nguyen/UNDP, Viet Nam Right: Winner Goal One. Victor Diaz Kintanar/UNDP, Philippines

Olympus also works toward the achievement of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. At the 2000 UN Millennium Summit, world leaders from rich and poor countries alike committed themselves - at the highest political level - to a set of eight time-bound targets that, when achieved, will end extreme poverty worldwide by 2015. Olympus has been active in working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals since 2003, when it sponsored the photographic project “A Day in the Life of AFRICA,” whose main objectives were to increase awareness and fund education programs to alleviate the AIDS crisis in Africa.

Picture This: Caring for the Earth

Continuing its global commitment to be an integral member of society, Olympus proudly sponsors the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP’s) PICTURE THIS photo contest. The annual contest challenges people around the world to capture inspirational work underway in developing and developed countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.