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When Olympus is at our best, the world benefits. The work we do, and the products we create, help people live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. We remain focused on our mission, and our shared future, by truly understanding, and connecting, the lives of those we touch.

Please review each section and select the appropriate category to learn more about Olympus’ Corporate Giving and Education Categories.

Independent Medical & Microscopy Education

The Olympus Corporation of the Americas Grants Committee reviews grant applications for genuine medical educational programs or events related to disease states, conditions and/or treatments for which Olympus products are used. Olympus is proud of our Grants program and the benefits that it provides to medical and microscopy communities across the Americas.

Learn more about the process and guidelines for submitting an application to Olympus.


Learn more about Grant support for Independent Medical and Microscopy Education Programs taking place in North America.


Learn more about Grant support for or Independent Medical and Microscopy Education Programs taking place in the Latin America Region. Please select the appropriate language.

Requests Outside of the Americas

Olympus entities only make awards for use in their own geographies. So, for example, Olympus Corporation of the Americas will only provide support for programs taking place within the Americas.

Please note that interregional requests, such as a US-based organization seeking support outside the Americas, must be reviewed under an international grants process that involves multiple Olympus entities. We can provide a referral to another Olympus entity if you seek support outside of this region.

Please email ocagrants@olympus.com to request more information for support of programs outside of North, Central, and South America.

Product Donations

The Olympus Grants Committee considers applications for the following
types of permanent product donations:
Medical Missions

Product donations for mission trips or philanthropic patient care coordinated exclusively through the Committee’s preferred partner, Americares.

Please note that for 2020, we are closed for this category.

Medical and/or
Microscopy Societies

Permanent product donations for training and educational facilities or purposes controlled and operated exclusively by Medical and/or Microscopy Societies in the Americas.

Please email ocagrants@Olympus.com for more details.

Charitable Contributions and Fundraising Requests

Olympus is true to our communities, true to our employees and true to our world. Our philanthropic endeavors at Olympus enable us to demonstrate meaningful support for charitable and civic activities in the communities where our employees live and work and positively impact core business areas.

Charitable Contributions

Olympus Corporation of the Americas does not accept unsolicited proposals or sponsorship requests for charitable support. We are true to making a meaningful impact in our communities through our community partnership programs. Through ongoing engagement with our employees and valued stakeholders, Olympus develops targeted initiatives designed to maximize our meaningful impact in support of our current corporate focus areas.

For more information on our Charitable Contributions please visit: https://truetolife.com/

Fundraising Requests

Olympus Corporation of the Americas does not consider Charitable Contribution requests from individual health care professionals, microscopists or health care facilities for fundraising activities such as golf outings, galas, capital campaigns, etc.

Research / IIT Requests

Olympus Corporation of the Americas does not currently support Research/ IIT Requests. Please continue to
check this site for updates.

Olympus Professional Education

Olympus Professional Education is a comprehensive platform of education and training experiences led by healthcare experts from around the world. Learning and training opportunities include hands-on courses, online learning, lectures and workshops, peer-to-peer training, accredited continuing education, and custom on-demand learning as well as a vast library of educational resources.



Trade shows, conventions, conferences and other promotional events may have separate sponsorship opportunities for Olympus to promote our brand or our products.

Examples include exhibitor booths, tabletop displays, award category sponsorships, printed (or electronic) advertisements or attendance opportunities for Olympus personnel.

These opportunities are addressed individually by each of our business units in a manner specifically designed to be separate and distinct from the Olympus grants process.

Contact exhibitopportunities@olympus.com regarding sponsorship opportunities.