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Olympus announces the launch of the RecMic II one of the most advanced microphone for speech recognition

Olympus announces the launch of the RecMic II one of the most advanced microphone for speech recognition
RecMic II Series with Intelligent Dual Microphone System and unique Noise-Cancellation Technology raises the bar for the speech recognition experience

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., July 10, 2017 –Every professional using dictation devices has experienced this problem: sudden and unexpected background noises which considerably impairs the recording. Users have always been prone to the risk that the noise is falsely transcribed into text by the speech recognition software. With Olympus’ next generation technology in the "RecMic" Series, accurate speech recognition in noisy environments can now be achieved with confidence.

Noise Cancellation technology for optimum speech recognition results
The new RecMic II Series is characterized by a unique duel-microphone system with flexible alignment and an innovative noise cancelling technology. The advanced noise cancelling technology is able to differentiate between voice and noise. Thus, the voice of the dictating person is precisely identified as such, and disturbing noises – no matter whether they come from outside sources like office noises, construction, etc. or from people in the room talking loudly – are suppressed. This highly improves the conversion of speech into text regardless of environments.

Meet the high demands of the users
The combination of two omnidirectional microphones and the innovative noise cancelling technology revolutionizes speech recognition accuracy when dictating – even in extremely noisy environments. The next generation of the RecMic Series provides the most advanced USB microphone and therefore fulfills even the highest user demands.

New Innovative features enhance speech recognition performance
Several additional powerful features round off the new capabilities of the RecMic II series. This includes, in the area of noise suppression, the triple layered pop-filter, which suppresses the noise caused by exhaling when talking into the microphones and significantly reduces the chance that pop-noises are recorded. The extra smooth UV coating and the "silent buttons”, which dampen noises when touching and operating the device, also improve the recording quality.

Antimicrobial - ergonomic - robust: perfect for daily clinic life
An antimicrobial surface supports hygienic requirements. This is why the RecMic II models are especially suitable for everyday clinic routines. The ergonomic shape and the extraordinary robustness of the products also meet the demands of the market. The value of an included Microphone Stand with automatic Stand Detection allows for easy hands-free dictation.

Native support of most spread speech recognition engines
OLYMPUS® RecMic II Series can be switched into 4 different button modes. First, the Standard Olympus Mode allows controlling any software application with sophisticated button events like macros, keyboard shortcuts, text input and Dragon® commands, if the RCT (RecMic Configuration Tool) is running in the background. The other three button modes operate in a standard HID keyboard mode. Olympus provides a predefined button setting both for users of Dragon Speech Recognition (Dragon Mode) and Microsoft’s Windows® Speech Recognition (Windows Mode). The Custom Mode allows assigning the buttons with individual shortcuts to control a software application via keyboard shortcuts. Organizations that make use of virtual environments also benefit from the HID keyboard mode, because no special drivers need to be installed.

For developers
Developers who want to fully integrate the RecMic II in order to have full control of both obvious and hidden features can use the Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows them to integrate Olympus Dictation hardware with minimal effort.

The following RecMic II Series will be available in July 2017.

  • RM-4010P: Push Button Model
  • RM-4110S: Slide Switch Model

For more information, please visit olympusamericaprodictation.com or contact us at Audio@olympus.com.

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