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Wide-Band, Three-Microphone Recording, Normalization Function for Peak Volume and
Bluetooth® Compatibility in a Sleek Metal Body

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 5, 2016 – Olympus is proud to announce the Olympus LS-P2, a sleek, pocket-sized audio recorder with a three-microphone TRESMIC recording system for wide-band, high-quality sound capture and playback for music and field recordings. The latest in Olympus’ signature LS line is the first Olympus audio recorder equipped with Bluetooth--to wirelessly connect to peripheral devices for playback on compatible headphones and speakers.

The LS-P2 features the TRESMIC system, which incorporates two directional and one omnidirectional microphones to faithfully capture the depth and fullness of sound. The omnidirectional microphone is strategically placed between the two directional microphones for a robust stereo effect. When the center microphone is turned on, the three combine to provide a wide-frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz to pick up every instrument in the band, including bass drums, bass guitar and piano. For even greater sound quality, the LS-P2 supports linear PCM recording at bit rates of up to 24 bits and sampling frequencies as high as 96 kHz, far surpassing CD quality.

True to its LS predecessors, the LS-P2 features a compact (108.9 x 39.6 x 14.4mm), sleek metal body that easily slips in and out of a pants or jacket pocket while on the road. The LS-P2 has a built-in USB connector freeing the user from the hassle of tangled cables or third-party software. A small-diameter tripod socket is included on the rear of the body. To use a tripod with the recorder, simply attach the tripod adapter (included).

The LS-P2 comes equipped with Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to peripherals for effortless playback of all your audio files, whether that’s sharing recordings over high-volume speakers with a group or listening to music on your headphones. For added wireless control, install the free Olympus Audio Controller BT app on your Android® smartphone to use it as a remote control for the LS-P2.

The powerful Normalization function reads the maximum volume from recorded data and automatically raises the volume to its limit without causing distortion, so that even when the recording level is too low, it can be raised to a suitable level for playback. Now, even the quietest music or a distant presenter’s audio will be raised to an audible level so you never miss a sound.

The LS-P2 can also be used as a music player by sending music files to the music folder. With the equalizer function, you can select “USER” in addition to “ROCK,” “POP” and “JAZZ,” and adjust each of the 60 Hz, 250 Hz, 1 kHz, 4 kHz, and 12 kHz frequencies to between -6 and +6 dB to suit your preference. Additional features, including file-editing functions, multiple-recorder modes, 8GB built-in memory and nearly 40 hours of rechargeable battery life, add to the LS-P2’s flexibility for capturing and managing your audio files.

For a complete list of specifications, visit: getolympus.com.

The LS-P2 will be available in February, 2016, for an estimated U.S. street price of $179.99.

Journalists interested in more information about the Olympus LS-P2 digital recorder, review units or high-resolution images should contact Colin Brown, Mullen Lowe, at colin.brown@mullenlowe.com, 617-226-9749; or Jennifer Colucci, Olympus America Inc., at jennifer.colucci@olympus.com, 484-896-5719, or visit http://asset.olympusamerica.com/login/.

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