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Three-Microphone TRESMIC Recording, Extensive Playback Functionality and Direct PC
Connection Packaged in a Compact, Metal Body

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January. 5, 2016 – Olympus is proud to introduce the new Olympus DM-720 audio recorder, which features a three-microphone TRESMIC system designed to ensure high-quality recordings of low-frequency sounds in any business situation. The latest in Olympus’ DM Series of digital audio devices is designed with the latest audio advancements to effortlessly capture, playback and save important audio in a compact, metal body that fits easily into your pocket.

The DM-720’s TRESMIC microphone system incorporates one omnidirectional and two directional microphones to faithfully capture fuller, wider stereo sound. The omnidirectional microphone is strategically placed between the two directional microphones and when turned on, the three combine to provide a wide-frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz to capture lower bass frequencies with amazing clarity.

Designed to improve the transcription process, users are able to incorporate the Voice Playback function, which automatically skips areas of a recording that are without voices and playback only those segments where a speaker is present. The DM-720 also includes functions such as Voice Balancer that automatically modulates the volume of voices and Noise Cancel that eliminates background noise so you can clearly understand every word while creating minutes from meeting recordings or interview notes.

Transcription mode adds additional efficiency to playback by automatically resuming play three seconds prior to where the user stopped the recording so they can check the content before proceeding. On the other hand, fast forward will be preset to 3.5x so they can conveniently skip the silence. To further enhance workflow, the File Divide function help users manage recordings of long meetings with multiple topics or audio files that are too big to send as email attachments by dividing the files on the recorder without using a computer.

Powered by the latest audio advancements including directional quality control technologies, the DM-720 unleashes the power of proximity recording in noisy environments like lectures or when recording from afar. The new Zoom Microphone mode allows users to adjust the microphone range according to the distance from the speaker, and Intelligent Auto mode automatically adjusts the microphone sensitivity according to the input level to ensure that recordings are consistent and speakers never get too quiet or too loud.

The DM-720’s slim, metal design allows for maximized portability, and the included attachment doubles as a clip or a stand to prop it up for easy display viewing, menu access and noise reduction of unwanted sound pickup on the surface. A built-in USB connector seamlessly connects the device to a laptop to operate all aspects of recording, saving, sharing and charging with one simple, easy-to-use tool.

With 4GB of internal memory and an included AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery with approximately 52 hours of battery life, the DM-720 is always at the ready. The accessory CS150 protective leather case shields the device from any surface damage.

For a complete list of specifications, visit: getolympus.com.

The DM-720 will be available in February, 2016, for an estimated U.S. street price of $149.99.

Journalists interested in more information about the Olympus DM-720 digital recorder, review units or high-resolution images should contact Colin Brown, Mullen Lowe, at colin.brown@mullenlowe.com, 617-226-9749; or Jennifer Colucci, Olympus America Inc., at jennifer.colucci@olympus.com, 484-896-5719, or visit http://asset.olympusamerica.com/login/.

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