High-resolution HDTV images

In our quest for the best-possible image quality, it was only natural that we add HDTV compatibility to EVIS EXERA II’s impressive features. The HDTV images produced by EVIS EXERA II are composed of more than double the number of scanning lines and horizontal pixels used in conventional video systems. This hundred-percent increase in image information produces a picture that’s incredibly sharp and detailed with virtually no detectable pixelation or artifacts. With HDTV, it is now possible to observe capillaries and subtle mucosal tissue in greater detail throughout the screen area.

What is HDTV?

HDTV — or high-definition television — offers image quality comparable to film and all the convenience and flexibility of conventional video. With 1,080 effective scanning lines of picture information, compared to 480 for NTSC and 576 for PAL, HDTV delivers picture quality that is more than twice as good as conventional TV. Increased pixel density produces a smooth clear picture whose remarkable detail, and natural colors are unmarred by the pixelation seen in lower-resolution images. This superb quality and realism makes HDTV ideal for demanding imaging applications such as endoscopy.