Endo Capsule redefines capsule endoscopy by combining the operational ease and efficiency of capsule endoscopes with the outstanding performance and opto-digital technology that has made Olympus a world leader in endoscopy. Endo Capsule offers unique features that provide physicians with unprecedented imaging capabilities of the small bowel, including high resolution, a wider field of view and an enhanced depth of field, automatic brightness control, advanced color reproduction and structure enhancement. Download Case Study

A portable, lightweight, real-time viewer conveniently allows physicians to verify the device is fully functional before the patient ingests the capsule. Endo Capsule can easily be activated or deactivated, if needed, to conserve battery power prior to ingestion. Patients carry Endo Capsule’s data recorder in a lightweight, comfortable harness, freeing them to conduct normal activities while the capsule is recording images.

Endo Capsule, which includes the capsule endoscope, the data recorder with patient harness and the real-time viewer as well as a computer workstation and monitor, is the latest among many solutions developed by Olympus to help physicians observe and treat a broad range of conditions in the GI tract. Endo Capsule is part of Olympus’ EnteroPro brand, the first total solution of its kind offered by one manufacturer designed to help physicians diagnose and treat small bowel abnormalities.

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