Olympus EndoTherapy Electrosurgery Products


Specifically designed for GI labs, Olympus EndoTherapy electrosurgical generators incorporate innovative technical features that provide a high level of effectiveness and safety in cutting and coagulation during endoscopic procedures. Our electrosurgical generators are specifically designed to work with Olympus EndoTherapy accessories and are also compatible with other electrosurgical equipment, providing complete flexibility for your practice.

ESG-100 Electrosurgery Generator

ESG-100 Electrosurgery Generator
  • Rapid Spark Technology with High-Power Cut Support to optimize cutting procedures in various tissue structures
  • Versatile Coagulation Technology enables fast and effective desiccation as well as soft and deep tissue coagulation in monopolar or bipolar modes
  • An easy-to-use interface and an intuitive selection of output modes provide simple and effective use of the generator

Flushing Pump

Flushing Pump
  • High-performance peristaltic pump for cleaning the field of view during GI bleeding procedures
  • Facilitates direct washing of colonic mucosa during endoscopic examinations.

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