Olympus EndoTherapy Procedures

Olympus EndoTherapy provides gastrointestinal healthcare professionals with innovative, minimally invasive solutions. Our mission is to become the gold standard for GI device providers, the way our endoscopes have been recognized and trusted by physicians worldwide for decades.

Biliary Stent Replacement

Clear obstructed strictures with our dilation balloons, plastic stents, and metallic stents.

Biliary Stone Removal

Remove gallstones during an ERCP with our extraction balloons, retrieval baskets, or mechanical lithotripters.


Use our biopsy forceps, snares, or detachable loop ligating devices to safely remove polyps.

GI Bleeding

Choose from a variety of endoscopic devices to safely stop gastrointestinal bleeding.

GI Biopsy

Sample cells during bronchoscopies with our biopsy forceps, or cytology brushes or curettes.

Transbronchial Needle Aspiration

Diagnose malignant or benign conditions and stage cancer by taking biopsies with our aspiration biopsy needles.

Peripheral Bronchoscopy

Access lesions in the periphery with our Guide Sheath Kit, designed to increase diagnostic yield.


Visualize lymph nodes and surrounding vessels in real-time, via ultrasound, with our EBUS TBNA System.

To order endoscopic devices or request an in-person demonstration, contact an Olympus EndoTherapy representative by calling 800.387.0437.

A surgeon using an endoscope which is mostly out of the picture.

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