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Rotational Nature of the Program

"The Fellows Program gives me a unique opportunity to experience various areas of Olympus before determining where I will make the most significant impact within the company. In addition, the rotational nature of the program allows me to interact and network with many high-level executives and passionate leaders within Olympus. My rotations and interactions allow for a deeper understanding of Olympus as a whole. This program challenges me in ways that other positions would not, which will ultimately help me succeed and grow in my professional career."

-Alyssa, Olympus Fellow

"Coming out of college, I didn't have a strong sense of 'what I wanted to do with my life.' The rotational nature of the Fellows Program allows me to gain a better feel for my interests as well as the areas in which I excel. After my two years in the program, I will have gained a well-rounded view of the company and have expanded my understanding of the many aspects of the core business groups. Rotating through the different business groups also affords me the opportunity to network with individuals from all over the corporation and to learn from their extensive expertise. The resources and knowledge I will gain after my two years here are the invaluable building blocks to a long and successful career."

-Amy, Olympus Fellow

"The rotational nature of the program provides Fellows with the opportunity to understand and learn from several departments within Olympus. While contributing to departmental goals, Fellows are able to better identify personal interests and strengths in various settings. Fellows leverage internal expertise and frequently communicate between departments through networking with employees across the company. Exposure to individuals, projects, and strategies will lead to a valuable knowledge base that Fellows will continue to build."

-Alicia, Olympus Fellow

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Mentor Relationships

"As an Olympus Fellow, I am privileged to work for an organization that provides me with a challenging and rewarding work environment. With this great opportunity at the beginning of my career, it is essential to create a strong network and support system to assist in fostering positive business skills; to have a mentor who has already succeeded in the Fellows Program has been invaluable in this task. My mentor has helped me to not only establish clear goals, but to build strategies to accomplish these goals, while offering continued encouragement until success is achieved. I am humbled to have a dedicated mentor to go beyond the role of "colleague", whether by suggesting an article to read, reviewing a current project, or referring me to the proper human and physical resources necessary to reach my long-term goals at Olympus. Over the next two years, although I will rotate through Olympus' various business groups, my mentor relationship will remain a constant source of valued advice, support, and guidance as I begin to establish a career of personal and professional growth and development."

-Allison, Olympus Fellow

"The assignment of a mentor/mentee relationship is truly an asset to the Fellows Program. My mentor, Karli, serves as a great resource in my transition into the Olympus community. As a previous Fellow and now an experienced Product Manager within our Medical Systems Group, she is knowledgeable about the business and welcomes any questions I may have. Despite the rotational nature of the program, Karli and I will maintain our mentor/mentee relationship throughout its duration. I look forward to building a personal and professional relationship together that will extend into our careers with Olympus."

-Alyssa, Olympus Fellow

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The Second-year Experience

"The rotational nature of the program provides an invaluable experience: the ability and unique opportunity to leverage your hard work, ambition, and creativity to position yourself competitively, and to seek the opportunity of your choice, defining your own path to success. At Olympus, I have become a respected and valued asset to the company while working with cutting edge technology and respected medical professionals. The Fellows Program is more than just a great opportunity upon graduation; it is a career choice."

-Alison, Associate Product Manager
2010 Fellow Graduate

"One of the key qualities that the Fellows Program has enabled me to develop through its rotational nature is confidence that I can handle any task at hand. In changing positions for each rotation, I am developing an ability to tackle any project that I am challenged with, no matter which area the project is focused. I feel that this will be a significant asset to my own career as well as to the company as a whole. By having this broad vision of different areas and roles once I have completed the program, I will be able work on a wide spectrum of projects with an understanding of the various functions and how they fit together on a more global level."

-Angela, Associate Manager Technical Marketing
2010 Fellows Graduate

"Spending two years in the Fellows Program allows me to learn how various business groups play a role in shaping the goals and success of Olympus. It is extremely valuable to understand how each team contributes to the inner-workings of the company. After developing leadership skills and working with highly-qualified individuals on hands-on projects, I will have all the tools necessary to begin and develop my career."

-Jacqueline, Associate Manager of Marketing Communications & Advertising
2010 Fellows Graduate

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Corporate Culture Experience

"As a recent college graduate, it is necessary to become familiar with a company's corporate culture when entering the job force. Olympus makes that transition seamless and offers a truly professional, yet inviting, atmosphere. The overall environment fosters learning, growth and performance and enables Olympus employees to succeed. A softball league, ice cream socials and a photography club are just some examples of how Olympus is not just a place to work, but a place to thrive. I am honored to be a part of the Fellows Program and be exposed to such a unique corporate culture that makes me excited to come to work every day."

-Liz, Olympus Fellow

"Olympus is driven by its goal to contribute to and enhance individuals' lives every day. This mentality resonates throughout the company as employees focus on attaining excellence in all of its business activities. Not only does Olympus enhance lives through the development of products and services for the end consumer, but by positively influencing the lives of its employees as well. The dedication to employee development is truly unique to the Olympus corporate culture. The Fellows Program is a perfect representation of these values with a focus on developing and fostering the education and advancement of recent college graduates."

-Emily, Olympus Fellow

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Corporate Social Responsibility

"As a responsible global corporate citizen, Olympus has been implementing its Social Responsibility program for decades. Consequently, our company is at the forefront of many progressive and lifesaving initiatives such as the fight against Colorectal Cancer. Through the allocation of valuable resources and by leveraging our position as an industry leader, Olympus has raised awareness for screening of this detectable and beatable form of cancer. I'm thankful for the privilege to be part of Olympus' effort to help people enjoy the continuum of life, while working to save lives every day."

-Steve, Olympus Fellow

"As a precision technology leader, Olympus makes innovative products that are focused on enhancing people's lives every day. In addition to offering world-renowned products, Olympus adheres to a management philosophy that places the utmost importance in being a responsible corporate citizen. Accordingly, one of the ways in which Olympus strives to make a difference is by offering employees a 100 percent matching donation to their charitable donations and philanthropic contributions. This encourages employees to be more involved in efforts to better the world in their respective communities."

-Tsion, Olympus Fellow

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Community Service

"In 2007 the Olympus Fellows partnered with the local Wildlands Conservancy to create OWLs or the Olympus & Wildlands Leaders. By participating in a minimum of one community service initiative per month we, as Olympus Fellows, continue to build upon our leadership, citizenship, and teamwork skills in a unique forum at the same time we are improving the environment we work and live in every day. In addition to hands-on labor at the Wildlands facility in Emmaus, the Fellows help market and promote fundraising events for the Wildlands Conservancy while educating the local communities on environmental issues that affect the Lehigh Valley."

-Hayley, Olympus Fellow

"Both the Olympus Fellows Program and Olympus, as a whole, have impressed me with the community service efforts that are constantly underway. As a Fellow I have had the opportunity to participate in, as well as organize, volunteer activities every month. It is true that the Olympus Fellows Program has provided me with an outstanding avenue to help others in the community, but also to build stronger relationships with my coworkers and gain a first-hand understanding of the importance of human compassion. I am proud to work for an organization, and be a part of a leadership development program, that shares my views and values on the importance of giving back to the community."

-Jessica, Olympus Fellow

"The Olympus Fellows program has provided me an outlet to support the surrounding community by organizing volunteer activities of my own personal interest and value. Fellows have arranged and worked on service efforts that benefit local families, youth organizations, and wildlife conservation. It was important to me to work for a company that not only promotes service and social values within its business but also supports the causes that are important to its employees."

-Claire, Olympus Fellow

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Continuing Education Opportunities

"The continuing education offered through the Fellows Program is a great way to build teamwork and analytical thinking skills. It is not only an example of Olympus' commitment to developing the Fellows, but also an ideal opportunity to strengthen relationships within the class. As a recent college graduate, I wanted to work in an environment with an emphasis on learning, and the Fellows Program has suited my needs perfectly."

-Sam, Olympus Fellow

"Through continued learning activities, Olympus invests in the growth and development of the Fellows beyond the scope of the individual rotations. Specific case studies and market analyses encourage the Fellows to use critical and analytical thinking to consider and discuss events and situations pertinent and potentially critical to Olympus' business. The activities provide an opportunity to work with the other Fellows in my class as well as build the skills necessary to work effectively in a team environment."

-Jennika, Olympus Fellow

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Exposure to Executive Management

"Unlike many post-graduation career choices, the Fellows Program provides me with immediate and direct exposure to executives at OCA. It is evident that Olympus has a vested interest in my success by affording me the ability to communicate openly with senior management about the projects I am involved with, as well as for advice about professional development and tips for how to adapt to corporate life. Working side by side with successful professionals is not only an incredible learning experience, but it also instills a feeling of responsibility and confidence that is reflected in my work."

-Michael, Olympus Fellow

"As a Fellow, my work with highly-regarded individuals on challenging and significant projects is showcased in front of senior management on a regular basis. The Olympus Fellows Program allows me to establish my credibility in new business relationships in part due to the high profile projects I am given and the exposure that comes from them. Whether in a meeting, one-on-one discussion, or a passing conversation in the hallway, being a part of this program opens a unique channel of communication with top-level executives that is a rarity for recent graduates. I am proud to be a part of an extremely competitive program where I am fully supported by executive management and where my opinions and hard work are truly valued and respected."

-Nicole, Olympus Fellow

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Graduate Fellows Program

"Being a graduate of the Fellows Program has created a unique opportunity for me here at Olympus. Since graduating, I have moved across businesses and departments which has allowed me to both deepen and broaden my career path. My business group experience working with our customers and internal clients combined with my corporate experience managing strategic planning projects has prepared me for my current role in the Medical Systems Group's Strategy Department. It's both exciting and rewarding to work for a company that challenges you to be your best."

-Valerie, Manager, Strategy and Business Development
2007 Fellows Graduate

"As a product manager in EndoTherapy, I manage the endoscope accessories, speciality products, and pulmonary product lines. To achieve my revenue target set for this year, representing a $20M business, I continue to focus on developing impactful product launches, determine creative ways to expand distribution channels for my product lines, and develop sales promotions to stimulate motivation and yield positive results within the business. The Fellows Program prepared and positioned me well for my current role, and allowed me to make a valuable contribution in a leading medical company, early in my career."

-Karli, Product Manager
2007 Fellows Graduate

"The Fellows Program is challenging me to develop my decision-making skills and gain expertise within my field through the assignment of strategic projects. The unique opportunity to observe and work directly with my superiors is enabling me to establish credibility early in my career, as well as acquire an incomparable knowledge of the business while forming relationships that are vital for my future. I feel privileged to be a part of a program that encourages maximum performance from its members while supporting the growth of a Company whose products save lives."

-Jenna, Credit Analyst
2009 Fellows Graduate

"Being part of the Olympus Fellows Program has given me significant exposure to a variety of business settings. The rotational nature of the program has afforded me the unique early career opportunity to acquire and develop new and important skills, interests and an in-depth understanding of Olympus' core businesses. In addition, the ability to work alongside prominent industry leaders, to manage and contribute to projects with important business implications, has been rewarding both professionally and personally."

-Adam, Manager, Sales & Marketing Administration
2008 Fellows Graduate

"In my post-Fellows role as Associate Project Manager in Financial Services, I am involved in various marketing and inside sales activities. My day-to-day activities are paired with larger scale projects, which allow me to contribute to our group in significant ways. Since the Fellows program gave me access to various groups within Olympus, I am well-equipped to approach projects with a wide knowledge base and insight that I may not have had otherwise."

-Tara, Structured Finance Specialist
2008 Fellows Graduate

"Upon completion of the Fellows Program, I became an Associate Product Manager for Olympus Medical Repair Services. As I approached the end of my Fellows Program experience, I evaluated the knowledge I acquired, the business needs of Olympus and the rotation I enjoyed the most. I was extended an offer to work with a business group that I knew I could make a lasting and valuable contribution to. I felt confident and well poised to take on my new responsibilities. My academic experience supplied me with a solid foundation to work from while my Fellows experience allowed me to refine what I had learned and explore my business interests."

-Amber, Product Manager
2008 Fellows Graduate

"I am currently working as an Associate Project Manager for Olympus' Corporate Planning & Strategy ("CP&S") group. CP&S acts as an internal consulting resource for Olympus' Business Groups, Operating Companies and Corporate Shared Services by fulfilling project-based requests from clients across the organization. My day-to-day responsibilities include performing market research, surveying internal clients, presenting and synthesizing data, building financial models and frequently interacting with the Manager and Vice President of the CP&S group. Through my involvement in the Fellows Program I was able to acquire an understanding of Olympus' businesses and shared services, this knowledge has been instrumental in my ability to assume and succeed in my current job responsibilities."

-Michelle, Associate Project Manager
2009 Fellows Graduate

"The rotational nature of the Olympus Fellows Program has afforded me the opportunity to gain a holistic view of Olympus' businesses through a diverse range of experiences. As a graduate of the program, I rely on the critical thinking, decision-making and leadership skills I have refined over the past two years to accelerate my contribution to the corporation as Liaison to Olympus Latin America. In this new role, Olympus continues to foster my development and expand my horizons as I work with international leaders to advance Olympus as a precision technology healthcare company and improve the quality of life for our customers, patients and shareholders globally."

-Dan, Regional Marketing Manager
2009 Fellows Graduate

"In my current position as the Associate Manager of Training for the Scientific Equipment Group, I am responsible for creating and administering training programs and curriculums for the entire SEG Sales Force. I interact daily with both Marketing, Sales and Upper Management to ensure that our sales force has all of the necessary tools to succeed out in the field. I believe that the knowledge and skills developed through the Fellows Program, have helped me tremendously to take on this position, and the challenges it brings."

-Pia, Associate Product Manager
2009 Fellows Graduate

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