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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I apply for an Olympus internship?

Because an intern will indicate availability and desired program
session(s) on the application, the job posting will remain open on our hiring site throughout the year. While the intern selection process for each session will begin several months in advance, an intern may apply for a future session at any time. Olympus understands the importance of planning internships that complement course scheduling. Applications that indicate a later session selection will remain on file until internship positions for that session are chosen.

2. Is an Olympus internship a paid position?

Yes, interns will earn an hourly wage. Students may also receive academic credit in accordance with their institution’s applicable policies.

3. How many hours will an Olympus intern work?

During the Spring and Fall Semesters, interns will work approximately 15-25 hours per week for 13 weeks. Summer Internships are full-time, 40 hours per week. Hiring managers will designate the weekly hourly expectation.

4. Is there flexibility in scheduling days/hours?

All interns are expected to attend the Core Curriculum sessions as scheduled, which will be determined based on a mutually convenient time for interns in each cycle. Beyond that, schedules may be flexible as determined by managers. We understand that students must make academic requirements a top priority.

5. What is the dress code at Olympus?

In general, our dress code depends on each individual's role and daily agenda. Olympus expects its interns to dress appropriately and speak with their managers regarding specific guidelines for their department. More specifics will be provided upon hiring.

6. Why are internships limited to students that attend school or live within a certain geographic radius?

In order to gain the most value from the internship experience, interns are required to be in our offices rather than working remotely. Additionally, part of our Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy is to help attract and train interns with a vested interest in the locations near our offices. We seek those with potential to establish roots and contribute to the local economy in the geographic regions where our Company has facilities and a large employee presence. We seek to attract interns that either live in or grew up in the local area (attended high school, continue to have geographic and strong family ties, etc.) or those that attend one of the excellent colleges and universities that feed the local talent pool.

7. What makes an Olympus Internship special?

The Olympus Internship Program has been created through partnerships among company leaders, managers and students. Interns will experience the unique aspects that set the Company apart as an employer. Participants will gain lasting work experience with limitless opportunities to grow, learn and meaningful contribute to the business.